Graz plus (including Tourist Guide)
Discovering the city of Graz with detailled information about the city, its architecture and some secret information you shouldn´t miss! You´ll love it!
  • Graz plus (including Tourist Guide)
  • Graz plus (including Tourist Guide)
  • Graz plus (including Tourist Guide)
  • Graz plus (including Tourist Guide)
  • Graz plus (including Tourist Guide)
Tour Details
Route Introduction
Starting at the JUFA Hotel, first of all you´ll get some safety instructions how to handle the Segway. After that, your guide will show you some very nice and interessting sights of Graz. On our tour you well see most of the important buildings of the "City of Design". Of yourse, stopps are included, so that you can take pictures! We are sure, that you would like to share that impressions, when you are back home again...
Departure Point
Idlhofgasse 74, Graz, Austria
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Cost Included
  • Private Tourist Guide
  • safety instructions
  • helmet (of course you may use your own as well!)
  • food and drinks
Booking Information
Cancellation Policy
  • Sorry that you cannot cancel.
Voucher Information
  • Please send your voucher to:
Notice of Participation
  • wight limit: 110 kg
  • minimum age: 12 years
  • Austria Graz
  • 2.0 hours
  • English Deutsch Italiano
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